Our Programme

Have a look at our past CLiC Programme (*.PDF file) for 2012/3  here, to get an idea of what CLiC is about in practice. We are looking at the possibility of relaunching in 2015. 

All the events are also profiled individually on this website, and linked below.

Charging policy: all our events are costed at minimal cost but since we do not wish even this cost to prevent anyone coming, every event has free or reduced prices places. Please contact us for details.


Disorganised Religion (21 October)
God Matters: an introduction (runs from 24 October)
Exploring ‘the New Monasticism’ (11 November)
Faith in Film (dates tba)
In a Strange Land: dementia (date tba)
Faith in Children (date tba, 2013)
‘Speaking Christian’: New language for old? (dates tba, 2013)
Pentecostal Ecumenism (date tba, 2013)
Faith in the Planet (date tba, 2013)
Faith in Ourselves; inner journeys (date tba, 2013)


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