About CLiC

The world today in some ways reminds us of first century Athens, where in a multicultural melting pot, St Paul proclaimed an ‘Unknown God’.  The Centre for Living Christianity (CLiC), based in Edinburgh,  is for those interested in exploring “the way”: how to live out Christianity in the modern world, in a way which is thoughtful and faithful; and how to understand Christianity from the margins of a society which is both diversely spiritual and secular.


  • To help people become literate and articulate Christians in a contemporary context (“How do I speak Christian?”)
  • To integrate theology with reflection and spiritual practice – connecting head, heart, soul.
  • To overcome false antinomies (secular/religious, conservative/liberal, biblical/modern, religion/science)
  • To provide a range of accessible learning options based on best Adult Learning practice and suitable for different learning styles

Where are we?

In 2012/13 CLiC brought together a range of parties including the Cornerstone Bookshop, Scotland’s only independent ecumenical theological bookshop,  St John’s Church in Princes Street / Lothian Road at a busy crossroads in the midst of a modern city (a church known for its engagement in the modern world including a prophetic mural ministry) and the forward looking Christian think-tank Ekklesia.

The idea was that CLiC activities would be offered by a range of partners and in different locations.

Founding partners

  • St John’s Episcopal Church Edinburgh
  • Ekklesia (think tank)
  • Adventures in Faith
  • Cornerstone Bookshop
  • Edinburgh City Centre Churches Together

We ran a number of events in 2012/13 and have been taking a break in 2014, following the moving on of two key players, with the hope and intention that the initiative will be renewed in 2015 – on a basis that could offer a model of informal working for others.


2 Responses to About CLiC

  1. Tim Rhead says:

    I wish you every success

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