Relaunching in 2015?

CuriousWell, we’ve been quiet in 2014, but some good conversations about the possibilities for renewing the Centre for Living Christianity (and kickstarting similar initiatives in other localities of the British isles) have been taking place behind the scene for the last six months. Nothing definite yet, but some ideas and possibilities…

Earlier in the summer I had an exchange with the Rev Steve Butler, who is rector of St James in Leith (my own parish) and plays a key role in the acclaimed Solas Festival. I also crossed paths recently with Andrew Wright, from St John’s, where CLicC was originally launched. They have a new ministry team there who need to be involved in the conversation. Ekklesia, the Christian think-tank I co-direct, is also in the midst of what is effectively a relaunch with backing from a charitable trust.

Last but not least (in fact, crucially) this past weekend I mooted the idea that relaunching CLiC might be a project I undertake as  art of the new members’ programme I am undertaking with the Iona Community over the next two years. This was well received.

I intend to have some proposals by the end of 2014. If you are interested in the “CLiC idea” and how it can be developed, please do drop me a note. My email is on the ‘Get Involved’ page above. (SB)


About Simon Barrow

Writer, consultant, researcher, public speaker and director of a public policy think-tank.
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3 Responses to Relaunching in 2015?

  1. dancopland says:

    hello Simon, nice to hear from you. I’m a member at St Andrew’s and St George’s West, though about to take some time off to travel I came along to the original CliC and am interested in exploring further. Alison B

    Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2014 10:07:05 +0000 To:

  2. Certainly interested to see how things develop and help in any way I can. Roger

  3. Simon Barrow says:

    Great to hear from you both. I’ll be in touch! Also talking to Quakers and Methodists.

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