Pentecostal Ecumenism? (2013)

A day/ evening of discussion and reflection

‘Ecumenism’, the search for Christian unity in a fractured world, has made remarkable gains in the past century. But many now feel that it is stuck. Arguments among Christians are on the rise, ecumenical structures are in crisis or being cut, and the promotion of Christian unity seems to have become a hobby for a dwinding number of people.

Does ecumenism still matter? If the word oikumene means “the whole inhabited world” as God’s concern, why are we so focused on the church as God’s unifying concern? Does the unity-in-diversity marked by Pentecost give us fresh and exciting clues as to how the churches might move forward on a common pilgrimage in a globalizing world?

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About Simon Barrow

Writer, consultant, researcher, public speaker and director of a public policy think-tank.
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