‘Speaking Christian’ (2013)

New language for old?

A five week exploratory course OR a one off evening leading to an experimental course. Dates, location and price to be agreed.

What does it mean to listen, speak and act Christianly in a changing culture where many have lost contact with inherited Christian language, where public skepticism (‘new atheism’) has grown markedly, where Christian is no longer enjoys an automatic market monopoly among faiths and beliefs, and where an increasing number of people consider themselves ‘spiritual but not religious’?

1  Speaking new languages? Looking at how popular culture, advertising and the media addresses religion in general and Christianity in particular – and how Christians have been responding.

2  The grammar of Christian faith: revision or re-pitching? Looking at why ‘doctrine’ has become a dirty word, and how it might continue to resource us to make Christian sense in a changing world and church.

3  ‘What language shall I borrow?’ Experimenting with metaphors, parables and analogies for today. Christianity for a religion-lite society?

4  Sense-making faith. Exploring Christian truth in language and practice through the five senses and beyond.

5  Re-speaking church. What do Christian communities need to hear, learn, reaffirm and reconsider to be effective communicators of the depth of Christian faith today?

To express interest, please email: Simon Barrow


About Simon Barrow

Writer, consultant, researcher, public speaker and director of a public policy think-tank.
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3 Responses to ‘Speaking Christian’ (2013)

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  2. Rev'd Glenda Templer says:

    Is this offered online, or is it face-to-face in England? Glenda

  3. Simon Barrow says:

    It’s face-to-face in Scotland, Glenda.

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